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Precision, Pain & Pride

What's a Sub-MOA Spoonie?

MOA: A unit of measurement in precision shooting, 1 MOA (Minute of Angle) equals just over 1 inch (1.047") at 100 yards.

Spoonie: A person who suffers from chronic illness.

Sub-MOA Spoonie: A spoonie who can shoot groups less than 1 MOA.

Look, being a spoonie is hard. You don't get to celebrate many accomplishments like a normie would, and having the same successes as a normie? Yeah, that's not always gonna happen.

Well, one success I have is I am a pretty decent shot with a 22 rifle, which is why I came up with the Sub-MOA Spoonie badge.

If you're also a Sub-MOA Spoonie, then this badge is for you, too.

Celebrate your wins, my fellow spoonies, because we've earned them.

Take the Sub-MOA Spoonie Challenge!

The Sub-MOA Spoonie Challenge (SPOONIES ONLY!) is a lot like traditional benchrest target challenges; Print out this target sheet, post it up (50 yards for 22LR, 100 yards for longer range calibers), and follow the instructions at the top!

Get the Sub-MOA Spoonie Morale Patch

Once you've completed 5 sub-MOA shots in a row, all you need to do to get on the list for a morale patch is to send a photo of your target sheet to - I'll confirm the groups, and once the morale patches are ready I'll reach out to collect payment ($10) and your shipping address, and your patch will be on the way (US folks only for the time being, sorry)!

If you don't want a morale patch, you can get the Sub-MOA Spoonie badge on a variety of other merch. The Sub-MOA Spoonie morale patch, however, is unique and available in limited quantities exclusively to those who complete the target challenge!


Sometimes it helps other spoonies to hear what their fellow spoonies live with. When you send in your groups, let me know if you're interested in being interviewed (via email, so you can respond on your own time). We'll talk about your illness, your struggles, and how you became a Sub-MOA Spoonie!

You can read the Sub-MOA Spoonie stories over at Pain Propaganda.

Sub-MOA Spoonie Merch

Don't want a morale patch, or want to get even more Sub-MOA Spoonie stuff?

No problem!

The Sub-MOA Spoonie logo is available on clothes, pins, mugs and more!

Get Sub-MOA Spoonie Merch


Do you have to hit each circle in a row, or can you just use one circle for all 5 shots?

Whatever you prefer!

I myself shot all mine in a single circle so I could do a simple group size calculation in Ballistic-X, but you may be more comfortable shooting a series rather than a single (plus, it makes spotting impacts easier)!

How do you determine if a shot is 'in'?

First off: Unlike PRS Benchest targets, you count the shot if the CENTER OF THE IMPACT is within the circle; it's perfectly OK to break the line!

More specifically, you'll note that if you measure it, the inside portion of the outer circle is 1 MOA wide, so as long as the center of your impact is within the appropriate circle for your distance, you can count it!

When will the patches be ready?

It depends on interest and embroidery costs when it comes time to order. I won't order them until I get at least 10 folks interested in the patches; that won't be enough to cover the entire costs, but it will be enough to justify the first run and ship them!

What are the details on the patches?

The patches will be a 2.5 inch circle with hook & loop backing; I chose this size because it should be usable in a variety of locations (hats, bags, shoulder patches, etc), and is reasonable to get embroidered. These will be fully-embroidered, too, and not printed or PVC.

What is in place to prevent folks from cheating?

A whole 'lotta nuthin'.

Seriously though, if you're a spoonie you most likely want to feel a legit sense of accomplishment, rather than a false one, so I don't expect many folks to cheat here. This is a pretty small niche, so the likelihood of there being a run on patches going to a bunch of cheaters is pretty slim.

Other Stuff

Spoonies know better than most that a good advocacy group can make a real difference, and I want to recognize a few that you might be interested to learn more about.

Be SMART: Securely store your guns, folks.. Whether you've got kids or not!

Hold My Guns: A way to have your firearms secured temporarily while on vacation or during a crisis.. No questions asked.

Socialist Rifle Association: A leftist counterpart to the NRA, the SRA is a smaller, more grass-roots organization.

John Brown Gun Club: Another decentralized leftist gun rights organization advocating for racial equality and social justice; they've been known to provide security for drag shows and more!